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Examining the extent of access to recovery in the UK.

The APPG will hear evidence from leaders in the sector and those with lived experience of recovery. The APPG hopes to raise the parliamentary profile of addiction in the UK.

Co-Chair, Fiona Bruce MP (Con)

Fiona is the Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Alcohol Harm and received the Parliamentary Award of “MP of the Decade” by the Alcohol Health Alliance. This  was awarded  in recognition of her contribution to tackling alcohol harm over several years.  Her recent success in persuading the government to change the law on the production of ‘white cider’ serves as an example of her significant impact in this area.  She has been, and remains, a prominent and effective advocate for increased government recognition of the importance of supporting the family unit.

Co-Chair, Carolyn Harris MP (Lab)

Carolyn is the Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Gambling Harm and, among her other roles as an MP, Co-Chairs the APPG on State Pension Inequalities for Women. Carolyn has led several high profile campaigns.  Her leading role in the campaign against FOBT  was instrumental in the change of law that saw FOBT maximum bets reduced from £100 to £2. Her passionate campaign on behalf of bereaved parents has resulted in the introduction of the Children’s Funeral Fund, a change that will alleviate some of the suffering of thousands of parents in traumatic circumstances. 

Summer & Autumn Sessions

Hidden Addiction Series

Next Session: Black Asian and Minority Ethnic groups

With 92% of all people in treatment for their addictions recorded as white, there is a growing body of evidence that reveals that black and Asian minority ethnic groups are under-represented in treatment. We will examine whether there is hidden addiction within some communities and if so whether people are facing obstacles to treatment. See expert submissions in advance.

(Date TBA)

Upcoming Session: Vulnerable Women

Women are underrepresented in treatment. The APPG will examine possible reasons behind this by hearing evidence on the experience of issues such as:

  • Mothers in addiction and the fear of losing their child
  • Street sex workers
  • The impact of domestic abuse

(Date TBA)

Upcoming Session: Children

Today children are increasingly exposed to the risk of either falling into addiction themselves or living with a guardian with a drug or alcohol problem.  These voices often go unheard. 56% of British adults who experienced drug addiction, say this occurred while they were aged 12-18. We will hear evidence from sector experts in education, social care and drug treatment to better understand the plight of young people.

(Date TBA)

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